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Benzie Organic Solutions is a producer and wholesaler of worms including the most popular worm on the market, the European nightcrawler. If you want a worm that is lively on the hook and can withstand a variety of environmental conditions, than the European crawler is your worm.

We sell the European nightcrawler in bulk or pre-cupped in 30, 36 and 50 counts
 but we don’t just cup our worms out of the bag like most wholesalers. Many of our worms are grown from hatching to adults right here at our farm. The rest are imported and spend 3 to 4 weeks in our beds so that we can feed and monitor their health and growth. The result, a healtier, larger worm that your customers will love.

Have a garden? Check out our worm castings.  Worm Castings are an order, free 100% organic fertilizer great for a farm or garden. They contain several times the phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, and three times the calcium than ordinary topsoil.  Castings also contain many other nutrients, all of which are immediately available to plants.  Castings are available in organic gardening section.

We also sell do it yourself kits like the Worm Factory 360 for growing your own worms, as well as many other useful tools for managing your garden, vegetables, and flowers.


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